Power of the Chun Bu Kyung

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Power of the Chun Bu Kyung is a self-training and healing presentation designed to enable you to feel within your body the Chun Bu Kyung's power through sound. With a history stretching back over 9,000 years, the Chun Bu Kyung is an ancient Korean scripture that contains within its short text of 81 characters all the principles of creation, evolution, and the completion of the cosmos.

The Chun Bu Kyung is also a spiritual guide that tells us where we have come from and where we are going, thereby guiding us through our spiritual journey. This audio was created in response to many requests made by people who are fascinated by the philosophy of the Chun Bu Kyung and who wish to access its contents more often and more easily. The audio features Ilchi Lee and the Dahn masters of the Sedona Ilchi Meditation Center, who chanted the contents of the Chun Bu Kyung. Furthermore, the sounds of nature and the music of acoustic instruments have been added to aid you in your meditation.

Power of the Chun Bu Kyung will help you to create a peaceful, harmonious life. 

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